Monday, May 16, 2011

More Bloggin' Goodness

I have decided to set up a new blog, completely devoted to my illustration work. You might ask why I would set up another blog? Verisimilitude is so great and all consuming, why create another blog?
I have two reasons, first I think the illustration work deserves its own blog, through which I can more fully explore its every nook and cranny. Second, it gave me a chance to create a blog address using my name, and thus make an address with the word "kill" in the middle.  So my name ends in and is part of the word "kill". That's cool isn't it? Of course I would never harm anyone-else.  Unless I had to- but still it is pretty cool.

So, introducing the new Luschek Illustration blog. Mostly made up of stuff that is not observed from nature, but is hopefully developed and executed in a truthful way that makes it both believable and fascinating.

Please read, make comments, post requests and questions. I will be posting process sketches, ideas and finished illustrations. I am sure there will be many directions, ways to reach, many ways to travel, many ways too look.
Not unlike the following creature with multiple arms, legs and arms (or tentacles) as owned by the following creature I drew for Dark Skull Studios.  Hope you enjoy the blog.
 Sheushan-naoth, © Richard Luschek and Dark Skull Studios, 2011

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