Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Flaming Octagon

I recently posted a small peak of an illustration I did for a new article about the Agrikan order, Herpa the Mace.
There was some fun discussion about this on Facebook and most got it right away. 

Harn fan Charlie suggested, "He's flipping someone The Mace?" An amusing idea. David L. pretty much got it with "The first half of the symbol identifies the signer as Agrikian (fingers pointing up representing fire) and secondly the order to which they belong the Octagonal Pit (finger and thumb forming an approximation of a Octagon)." David S. followed up with "As for a name, how about "Eye of Manrasusha"???
Since the Octoganal pit is the source of the "Primal" Flame, it would be from the Elder God that it flowed."

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Some cool stuff. Pretty much what I was thinking. Here is the full image, though it is not the final version. The one in the article is pushed more and I worked to make the demon-faced fire look less cartoony. It shows a priest in a ritual of summoning.

For those interested, the next HarnQuest is probably a few months off. I still have a few articles to illustrate for this, but there are some exciting things in the pipeline, including a much expanded new article on the Ilme with all new art.
I will include this one from the Tontury article available now on CGIs website. This scene shows a failed attack on a  Ilme.

Copyright © 2012, Columbia Games, Inc. and Richard Luschek

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