Friday, October 11, 2013

Viking versus A Pixie (Warning- nudity)

I just finished the new Fanon article on Spirit Folk. It will very shortly be available for free download online. Check here to see if it has been added.
Spirit Folk, Asiri and Ivinian, Copyright © 2013, Columbia Games, Inc., Rob Barnes and Richard Luschek

 The above image is what happens when a Viking swats at a pixie, or what ever one does to piss off a faerie creature. Pixie dust is sprinkled and the mighty warrior becomes a toad- a toad with a mighty fine beard. This image was drawn in Pen and Ink, scanned into Photoshop and painted digitally.

I will write about more of these creatures soon.
Here is a peak at the Redcap- a scary fairy creature, which looks like an evil old man who must keep its cap soaked in human blood in order to survive. I decided he would be scarier if he were completely naked. I had a scary moment concerning this image. I had handed someone my camera to see some photos from another event and suddenly realized I had shot reference photos of myself for this image shortly before the other set of photos.  I use myself as a model a lot. Luckily they did not get to see the naked photos of me- also very scary. I need to delete some photos off my camera.
Spirit Folk, Red Cap and Victim, Copyright © 2013, Columbia Games, Inc., Rob Barnes and Richard Luschek
This image posted is a very early version- the first color pass. I will post the finished version later which has a full background and is much darker in value and mood.

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