Sunday, June 12, 2011

Artist at Work

I have been working very long hours lately trying to compose three imaginative paintings for a commission. I will discuss the details of this later and post some process shots. I do a lot of illustrations, but these will be fully rendered oil painting 3 foot by 2 foot. It is a very different and complicated process for me. I need to work out everything for the over all design now. I think at least two of them are coming along nicely. The color studies are due tomorrow, so I will have another late night.

 Just a typical day drawing on the computer.
Unfortunately my illustration studio is in the basement. I am near some nice windows and we have it set up so it is quite comfortable (I say "we", but I mean Laura my wife.) Still, it is gorgeous outside and the light in my studio must be amazing today. Once these go to canvas I will be able to leave the dungeon, but now I am at the computer.
Here are some action shots of me at work.
I am using a Wacom Tablet, that allows me to draw on the computer. I do pencil sketches, scan them into Photoshop and then rendering them in full value. As you can see in the photo, I picked a basic color scheme for the picture and have thrown a red filter over it. I will be adding more color today, but it will mostly be a red picture.

It has been a fun process, but my hand is really getting fatigued. I have been wearing one of those carpel tunnel wrist braces at night. Seems to be helping.

For some strange reason my neck is getting sore.

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  1. How many of your knights will be wearing plaid shirts?