Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The beginning of the year I built myself a stand-up desk so I could work in a more comfortable and healthy position. It has helped.  Here is a link: Something to Stand For .
At first I thought I had made a terrible mistake. It wore me out and my feet were killing me. Well, I got used to it in about a week. I love it now. I find myself moving around. I don't settle into an unhealthy position like I did when I was sitting. Plus I got a nice high chair I can sit in if I get tired.

I had to make a few adjustments to it adding some file holders and raising the pull out drawing board to up under the monitor. I am now done with this desk.

Or am I? Now it seems I am out of the loop, I apparently now have to build my self a robotic exoskeleton. It seems Robotic Legs are the new stand-up desk.
I am not sure how much these will cost, but I bet it is out of my price range. I am going to have to go all 'Tony Stark' and build my own. Wonder if I can build mine out of wood.

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